Photograph of Editorial Portrait Photographer, Mary Jane Russell

Mary Jane has been a Photographer since the mid 90’s (working under her married name of Russell). She has worked with many talented photographers while modelling for Synchro Model Agency London (as Mary Criddell) in the 80’s. With her knowledge and eye gained from modelling, Mary Jane was often in Portobello taking photos of musician and model friends for their publicity shots.

Deciding to pursue a career behind the camera Mary Jane attended Wandsworth College to study Photography and Printing, after which she became assistant photographer to Matt Cooke, an editorial portrait photographer, before setting up on her own in Putney. After taking many family portraits and actor publicity shots, spending hours printing, Mary Jane decided to partner up with her friend Daniele Roberts Mah. They put together a vibrant portfolio, called themselves DoubleVision which became the start of the editorial era!

Mary and Daniele had a lot of fun working for many magazines Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Jeager to name but a few. A year later they decided to disband in order to explore and develop their own personal styles.

Mary & Dom

Mary Jane has since had many private commissions and worked for many publications, for example:

  • Vintage Rock
  • Headline Publishing
  • Cosmopolitan
  • The Independent
  • Hello Magazine
  • You magazine [Sunday Mail]
  • Boots Health & Beauty magazine
  • Eve magazine
  • Closer
  • Prima

I hope you enjoy looking at my current portfolio which is a mixture of portraits including Mick Jones, Dom Joly, Maggie O’Farrell and the rest!

I would like to thank Cassie Criddell, Matt Cooke, Daniele Roberts Mah and Jenny Forbes, who have all been important influences on this journey.

Mary Jane